- PhD -

Molecular biologist, bioinformatician, data scientist


As a researcher, I like to set up new methods and new tools, to use them to fulfill a scientific question. I do not consider myself as a specialist in a dedicated research thematic. Rather than, I prefer to consider myself as a specialist in omics sciences application to different goals.

Since years, I develop and train my skills in data analyse and bioinformatics. This is due to the fact that I faced to different challenges in my different positions, and I had to take care of my data myself. So by the way, I decided to be autonomous for data analyse. In silico biology represent a good opportunity to collaborate with different people, in different thematic. This is why I am interested to continue to develop my experience in statistics and bioinformatics.

Research plan

Career plan

After working in different academic positions, I would like to be a part of a team, to develop and contribute to the success of a company. It would be a new path of my career and as a challenger, I am interested to go in that way.

Geographical area

I am interested to stay in the European Union. The Union offer nice opportunities and a dynamic research space, especially among different countries with different working and research philosophies. It is particuliarly obvious in Central and East Europe.

My Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded here